Friday is Fast and Pray for Morgentaler’s Conversion Day



July 17, 2008

By Tim Waggoner

OTTAWA, July 16, 2008 ( – Stephanie Gray, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, is invoking Canadians to mark this Friday on their calendars as a day of fasting and prayer for the conversion of Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

“What if Henry Morgentaler became pro-life? What if he converted? What if he had a Saul to Paul-type transformation? What if the people who gave him the award for his deeds of killing babies, had to watch him reject the award on the day of delivery because he regretted and repented, with his whole heart and soul, all that he had done?” wrote Gray in a letter that she has requested be widely circulated.

“This isn’t impossible. What if every person who wrote or called in an objection about his award, or simply disagreed with it, spent at least one day praying and fasting? That would at least be 12,000 people (according to the numbers of a facebook group), and the spiritual impact would be huge.”

Gray believes that prayer and fasting are powerful spiritual instruments crucial to the abortionist’s conversion:

“With the rumor being that Morgentaler is dying of cancer, it is even more imperative that there be a concerted effort to pray and fast for his conversion,” she added.

“This Friday, July 18, please make a positive difference in this spiritual battle by praying and fasting for Morgentaler’s conversion. Can you imagine if thousands of people fasted on the same day? The spiritual impact would be huge! As the scriptures reveal, fasting is an important spiritual tool used by, to name a few, Esther, Daniel, David, Paul & Barnabas, and Jesus,” concluded Gray.

Similarly, Campaign Life Coalition President Jim Hughes recently called on all pro-lifers to pray that Henry Morgentaler may have a conversion like that of St. Paul. Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto whole-heartedly supported this invocation, pointing to other incredible conversion stories.

The Archbishop said, “I think we should really pray with great love and great fervour for Dr. Morgentaler and others who are, for whatever reason, are so intent on advancing this terrible reality (abortion) that they may turn back from that. And there are cases where this has happened in the States – Dr. Nathanson and others who have turned away from that.”

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