Gay lobbyists ‘forcing ideology’ on youth



July 26, 2011

Cloverdale Reporter, June 2 2011: I am writing to express my concerns regarding the hijacking of local anti-bullying campaigns by homosexual advocates and various forms of media.

The hard work of many in our communities and schools to encourage an attitude of civility and respect for one another is to be commended, but the abuse of these efforts by gay lobbyists to force their ideology on, specifically the youth, is something we should all be wary of.

My wife and I parent our children to treat everyone with respect and to avoid any form of bullying. But to be against bullying should not be equated with a blind acceptance of all lifestyles, in this case homosexuality!

The youth, indeed all of society would be much better served by the schools educating students about many of the physical and mental perils that come with living a homosexual lifestyle. It’s time Canadians stood up to the bullying of the homosexual community.

Their militant efforts to force all of us to not only tolerate, but to accept and even celebrate their choice to practice a completely unnatural lifestyle need to be stopped!

Mike Schouten


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