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Graphic design is an essential component of ARPA Canada’s mission. The success of ARPA Canada’s website, publications, videos, social media posts, grassroots campaigns, printed material, events, conferences, and more, rely on a high standard of visual representation. Our previous graphic designer was exceptional and she used her God-given talents to help ARPA put forward a polished, professional look for over a decade. We are now in need of a new individual or company able to respond to our graphic design needs.  

Statistics show that approximately 65% of audiences are visual learners, meaning that two thirds of our supporters are profoundly impacted by the visuals they see and the physical attractiveness of the work that ARPA produces, not just the written content and productions. A graphic designer gives life to our ideas and is an important part of why people engage with our campaigns, are intrigued by our conferences, and pay attention to our online content.

Job description: Graphic designer – 10-15 hours per week

ARPA Canada is looking to contract out our graphic design needs to either an individual or company.

Location: Anywhere in Canada, with preference to candidates who are available during the work hours of both our eastern and western teams (ET and PT).

Details: This position will require an average of 10 to 15 hours per week, depending on the time of year.

The successful applicant will:

  • Have the ability to create content consistent with ARPA’s current branding (eg: the Care Not Kill campaign);
  • Be required to work within ARPA’s Style Guide;
  • Have the ability to incorporate his/her creativity in transforming basic requests and descriptions of a design concept into a finished product;
  • Understand ARPA Canada’s mission and display a desire to create designs that have an impact on ARPA supporters, civic leaders and politicians, and the general public.

Responsibilities: Work with assigned members of ARPA’s staff on both the Law and Policy and Grassroots teams to produce:

  • Designs and graphics for ARPA events and presentations, such as Fall Tour and God and Government conferences;
  • Graphics, memes, and images for social media, video, and website use;
  • Designs for formal publications such as Respectfully Submitted policy reports, donor updates, booklets, pamphlets, etc.;
  • Grassroots campaign pamphlets, postcards, and flyers;
  • Campaign signage such as bus ads, lawn signs, and other public displays

Application procedure: If you are interested in the job description with the requirements listed above, please submit:

  • Your resume
  • Accompanying cover letter including a statement of agreement with the mission and core principles of ARPA Canada
  • A portfolio to showcase examples of your work
  • The names and contact information of at least two work references

Application packages must be submitted to – [email protected].

Other details: Ideally, we would have someone in place by September 2022, although start time is negotiable depending on individual circumstances.

The successful candidate will be expected to invoice ARPA Canada for hours worked each month at an agreed-upon rate per hour.

Application Deadline: Applications are requested prior to August 19th, 2022. ARPA Canada reserves the right to extend the deadline until a suitable candidate is found.

Please Note: ARPA Canada is very grateful for any interest shown in this position. However, due to time constraints and other responsibilities, we reserve the right to not interview all applicants. The deadline for applicants may also be changed as we deem necessary. Multiple interviews may be required. ARPA Canada reserves the right to not fill this position.

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