Grassroots Motivation



March 7, 2017
ARPA’s Manager of Grassroots Engagement was on the road last week. Colin Postma made a number of stops in BC and Alberta, trying to find new ways to get folks engaged. He says they tried a different approach this time, breaking the participants down into small discussion groups for brainstorming sessions. “After that, the group(s) would put their ideas together and cycle them around the room.” He says the goal was to “get people inside the ARPA mentality, coming up with new ideas for how to engage.” There were three focus areas to the presentations: engaging with elected officials, engaging with Reformed Christians to get them more involved, educated, and equipped, and doing public displays to get the public’s attention on some of the issues that ARPA deals with.

The tour also included meetings with supporting churches, pastors, and school groups.

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