Human Being definition debated in House of Commons



April 27, 2012

Mr. Stephen Woodworth stood on Thursday afternoon to present his Motion 312 to the House of Commons. He argued passionately and clearly that any law that says some human beings are not human beings is unjust. He called for a committee to re-evaluate our current law that says humans only become human at the moment they complete exit their mother’s womb. That definition, he states, is based on medical evidence that is 400 years old.

Sadly, all other speakers spoke against the motion, (with the exception of Mr. Albrecht who stood on a point of order). Even the Honourable Mr. Gordon O’Connor spoke strongly against the motion, arguing that “the House of Commons is not a laboratory, it is not a house of faith, an academic setting or a hospital. It is a legislature, and a legislature deals with law.” He also stated that, “whether one accepts it or not, abortion is and always will be part of society… abortion cannot be eliminated. It is part of the human condition.” The same can be said about murder. The same was said about slavery. 

The opposition members (both Liberal and NDP) used the typical clichés of the pro-abortion rhetoric, a tiring and sometimes frustrating thing to hear. Avoiding the issue, misrepresenting the interpretations of the Supreme Court and exaggerating the societal impact of such a study, this debate was a classic example of political fear-mongering trumping common sense and science at it’s worst. To read the transcript of the entire debate, click here and look for “Private Member’s Business”.

We encourage all ARPA supporters to send a note of encouragement to Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth for his courageous stand. He can be emailed at [email protected]

Please also consider sending a note to your member of Parliament and the Prime Minister and Justice Minister indicating your support for this motion and asking for the government to respect democratic values by ensuing a free vote on this motion. Please ensure you write with utmost respect for their office and calling. Justice Minister Nicholson: [email protected] and Prime Minister Harper: [email protected]

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