Hundreds of Post-Viability Abortions Every Year in Canada



June 2, 2010

Busting the abortion myths: There are two such myths in Canada: One is that there is a general consensus on the issue and the other is that late-term abortions are rare. Both are wrong

By MARGARET SOMERVILLE, Montreal Gazette, June 2, 2010: It’s an oft-repeated truism in ethics: “Good facts are essential for good ethics.” So surely we need the facts about an issue as ethically fraught as abortion. Yet not only do we not have them, but they are intentionally not gathered or, if some are or might be available, access to them is denied. That allows two myths that favour the pro-choice stance on abortion to be propagated: That late-term abortion is rare and that there is a consensus in Canada on the public-policy regime that should govern abortion (which, at present, is the complete absence of any law). Read more

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