Immediate Action Item: Contact your MP today!



January 19, 2010

ARPA Canada has previously made readers aware of the campaign to increase the Charitable Tax Credit from 29% to 42%. This is being organized by a Christian thinktank called Cardus. A caucus meeting is taking place on Thursday, where MP’s will have an opportunity to discuss the upcoming budget, among other things. If you believe this campaign is a good idea, it is important that you call up your MP and voice your support soon! If they hear from enough Canadians they may consider this for the upcoming budget. Learn more about this by going to Find the phone number for your MP by clicking here.

When you have completed your action item, be sure to mark it down on the Action Meter at This includes those of you who distributed the e-Luminary in your church, took part in a local pro-life meeting, or did something else in the public square.

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