Impact of Christian Horizons HRT Decision on Churches and Charities



December 15, 2009

A very important case is proceeding now in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Christian Horizons, the largest care home provider for the disabled in Ontario, is appealing the Ontario Human Rights Commission ruling against the ministry. In Heintz v Christian Horizons, the Commission ruled that the ministry may not require its employees to sign a lifestyle agreement and that all the current employees had to receive “human rights training” because of their views of homosexuality.

Thankfully, part of this ruling is being appealed in a real court. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is intervening in this case. Read their legal factum here, their commentary here, and read an excellent 13 page document that explains the impact of the HRC decision on Christian ministries in Ontario. This is a must read for members of the Reformed church community as well, as our schools, churches, care homes, and other ministries are affected as well.

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