Infanticide is the next step



October 25, 2011

ARPA Note: Wonder if your letters get noticed? Check out the comments below this letter on the Lethbridge Herald website.

Lethbridge Herald, Oct 12 2011: Most of us would argue (hopefully) that killing a born child is murder, but what’s the difference between a born and an unborn child? Very little.

Canada accepts abortion. What’s next? Killing disabled newborns? Healthy newborns? You may scoff, but this idea is becoming more and more acceptable. Just look at the Netherlands, as one example. But we don’t even have to look that far; recently, a woman received a suspended sentence by an Alberta judge after being convicted of killing her healthy newborn son. The mother was not in some confused mental state; she planned this killing. The judge, however, reasoned that since there is no law on abortion, the majority of Canadians probably sympathize with the mother.

If we do nothing to stop abortions, if we deny the preciousness of human life, then infanticide is the next step. Wake up, Canada. This has to stop.

Melanie Harthoorn


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