Invited to join county committee!



September 7, 2018

Invited to Join a County Committee by the Mayor!

Once we had the details on our “ARPA 12 step challenge” I took the opportunity to get in contact with our mayor. He very quickly replied asking to meet him, and it was set up for the following week. Our meeting was great, and we kept the discussion very general.  I asked what he thought his position was on a few issues and his plans and he asked me what I do.

Just before our meeting was over he asked me if I would join him in one of his committee meetings and to give him advice later about it. The committee meeting is called CARE where they deal with Street safety for school zone, road safety at 4-way stops, drugs/alcohol and rehabilitations. They mentioned how concern they are with the legalization of any drugs. After the first meeting, I chatted with the mayor for a bit and gave him some tips on working and hearing everyone out. He asked me to join a committee on behalf of our rural area. I have since joined.

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