Jim Hnatiuk, Leader of CHP, First to Register in by-election.



October 8, 2009

For Immediate Release –  CHP Canada Candidate Jim Hnatiuk – Truro – Thursday, October 8, 2009 – Christian Heritage Party Leader, Jim Hnatiuk, became the first candidate to register for the by-election call in the federal riding of Cumberland—Colchester—Musquodoboit Valley (CCMV). The businessman and retired military officer says, “I’m ready to serve the constituents of CCMV with a strong voice, just as Bill Casey did. I’m proud to live in and serve in a riding where the voters are not afraid to speak with an independent voice, and choose the candidate that will best represent them in Ottawa.

“CHP Canada has policies that would strengthen Cumberland-Colchester Musqudoboit Valley, and I believe this by-election will be about more than what the “major” parties have to offer. Voters here have proved that they are willing to look for and choose the candidate who has the best blueprint for governing. Our campaign will be about offering ‘Better Solutions’ to the serious issues that face us. There are better ways to ‘do’ politics in Canada, and I believe voters are ready for those better solutions,” says Candidate Hnatiuk. “I believe voters are going to look hard at the policies to determine what is best for them and the country. And I believe voters will discover that the CHP’s policies are the best.”
“Voters are going to hear a lot about things like spending, infrastructure, and taxes in the coming weeks,” stressed Hnatiuk, “and I want voters to know that there are ways to meet the needs of CCMV without increasing government debt through deficit spending, and taxing Canadians. There are infrastructure projects like the new hospital in Truro and the planned Truro-Colchester Civic Centre that the other parties, frankly don’t have a plan to finance beyond the rhetoric of the ‘Gas tax’ or deficit financing. That’s not good enough anymore. Taxing Canadians and deficit budgets aren’t working. They’re robbing us of our competiveness as a nation, and eroding our standard of living.

“CHP Canada would simply use the Bank of Canada to fund our infrastructure needs, so these much needed projects could become reality—without taxing Canadians today and long into the future. It’s time to use the Bank of Canada as it was designed to do, to serve the best interests of the country,” said Hnatiuk.

“From what I’m hearing from voters, they want to send a message to Ottawa that they expect their MP to have the best plan for the people—smaller, fiscally responsible government, low taxes, with priority given to the economy.”
“I served the people of Canada for 25 years in the Navy, and I’m ready to put my strategic and business experience to work to serve them as their MP as well. For more information about my campaign people can go to my website and they can sign up to receive tweets from Twitter about my campaign.”

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