Less than 100,000 recorded abortions in Canada



May 21, 2008 
Statistics Canada has released the figures for the number of abortions performed in Canada in 2005 and the news is both sad and encouraging. Although the total number of abortions is staggering and a shame to our society, it has dropped 3.2 per cent from the previous year to 96,815 (from 100,039). This number does not include other methods of ending a pregnancy, such as the drug “Plan B.” 
The largest drop in abortion rate occurred among teenagers (13 abortions for every 1000). The number of live births for women under twenty has also fallen quickly – from 18.6 per 1000 in 1996 to 11.1 in 2005.
It should be noted that these numbers do not include Manitoba abortion clinics or Canadian women who went to the United States for an abortion. Read Action Life’s article about the lack of accuracy for abortion statistics in Canada here. Also, check out Statistics Canada for more details of abortion rates in Canada


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