Letter to Editor: Paralympic Athletes a Testament to Value of all Humans



April 1, 2010

Langley Times, March 30 2010, Editor: My husband and I were thrilled to attend the opening ceremonies of the Paralympic Winter Games. We were touched by and celebrated the abilities of these amazing athletes. Blind athletes, others missing one or both legs, or arms, but triumphing, celebrating their strengths, and reaching high. All are blessed with amazing talents and strength of character.

What struck us most was the way that our society today threatens people with disabilities or severe handicaps with the notion that we can eliminate these conditions through abortion or euthanasia. Among these competitors was an athlete born with spina bifida who could have been aborted, but instead is competing on the world stage of winter sports.

Canadian athlete Lauren Woolstencroft was born missing both legs below the knees and one arm below the elbow. In today’s society, such a person could have been aborted.

Let us honour and protect life at any age, and in any condition. Let us not look down on, nor pity, others whom we deem less than us, but celebrate their victories and triumphs.

Ginny VanderHorst,


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