Liberal MP Proposes Changes to the Powers of the Canadian Human Rights Commission



November 24, 2008

Keith MartinOn Friday, November 21, Liberal MP Keith Martin introduced two new motions before the House of Commons in an effort to curb the powers of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The first (M-153) is the same as his motion in the last session of Parliament. It states “That, in the opinion of the House, subsection 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act should be deleted from the Act.” The second (M-156) goes further by calling for public hearings to review the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. 

ARPA Canada readers should also be aware that Mr. Martin tabled many more motions, including one stating that “the government should introduce legislation as soon as possible to legalize and regulate prostitution.”

Action Item: Learn more about the problems with the human rights commissions across the country by reading the report here and the action item here.  Be sure to send a copy to the Prime Minister and Justice Minister, who have been very hesitant to do anything on this issue. Then, urge your MP to support these motions and to take further steps to restore justice and freedom. Also, urge your MLA or MPP to take similar action in your province in response to your provincial human rights commissions and tribunals. 

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