Liberals want Ottawa to cough up cash for Coptic churches



January 7, 2011

ARPA Note: There are at least four surprising things in this story: 1) interest from the state to protect the church, 2) recognition that Christians can be the subject of hate, 3) recognition of Muslim-initiated violence against Christians, and 4) that this all comes from a MP and political party that is normally silent on this.

Globe and Mail, January 7, 2010: The federal Liberals are urging Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to give Coptic churches in this country the money they need to install security cameras and alarm systems to prevent deadly terrorist attacks like the one rocked Egypt last week. MP Mark Holland, the public safety critic, said in a release on Friday that high-alert warnings from the RCMP about potential attacks on Coptic churches in Canada should prompt the Conservative government to dip into the fund it created in 2007 to protect communities at risk from hate crimes. Read more

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