Linda Gibbons arrested for silent witness outside Toronto abortion mill



August 4, 2011

TORONTO, August 4, 2011 ( – LifeSiteNews reporter and managing director Steve Jalsevac was live-blogging and taking photos from the Mogentaler abortion mill on Hillsdale Ave in Toronto this morning as pro-life activist Linda Gibbons was arrested.  Gibbons has spent 8 of the last 14 years in jail for breaking a 1994 ‘temporary’ court injunction which forbids pro-life presence outside various abortion centers in Toronto.

Gibbons arrived at the Morgentaler abortion mill this morning shortly before 9am and was arrested just after 11am.  As is her normal practice Gibbons paced back and forth silently in front of the mill carrying a sign with a live baby’s photo reading: “Why Mom When I have so much Love to Give”. Keep reading

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