Lord’s Prayer headed to court



July 31, 2012

Toronto Sun, July 30 2012 OWEN SOUND, ONT. – Grey County is facing a court challenge to its long tradition of opening county council meetings with a recital of The Lord’s Prayer. Peter Ferguson of Kimberley, Ont., said he served legal papers on the county Monday in his bid to end what he calls the “illegal” practice. The papers call for a response by the county at a Superior Court of Justice hearing on Oct. 11, Ferguson said.

An affidavit sworn Monday by Ferguson states that county council’s “practice of praying at meetings is breaching my Charter rights to freedom of conscience and religion, as well as the rights of other non-believers, agnostics or atheists, and the followers of non-Christian faiths in Grey County.” And while the document says Ferguson does not believe “in the Christian saviour God, nor any other god or gods, nor in any supernatural being or ‘higher power’ whatever,” he said in an interview that he is not on an anti-Christian campaign. Keep reading

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