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December 6, 2011

The Battleford’s News Optimist, Dec 3 2011:  The Wall Street occupiers push the nonsense of communist medicine in Canada at all cost. Those who want communist medicine defend this ideology under the mantra that health care should not be a commodity or for profit.

The healthy could go for years and years without health care without ill affect, yet somehow people have a hissy fit if health care is for profit. When a commodity like food can be produced for profit, no one objects.

Food is a commodity that no one can do without. Even the healthy would die in two months without food.

Imagine if the food industry was a government monopoly — everyone would receive a registered food card called CanadaFood. Food would be distributed (not bought) at public food dispensing depots. All food care workers, producers and distributors, would be public sector union employees. Taxes would be sky high while we faint waiting for food in the government grocery aisle. We would have no say as to variety or quantity of food needed.

Access to free food would be pushed by those who say this defines us as Canadians. To shop at a private grocery store would be considered un-Canadian. Producers and distributors of food products for profit would be accused of making money over other peoples’ hunger. Those who want to set up a private grocery store would be accused of violating one of the five pillars of the Canada Food Act.

We would see “Friends of Foodcare” driving in three refrigerator trucks to campaign for the preservation of foodcare. It would be reminiscent of the spring of 2000 when activists drove three ambulances across Canada campaigning to preserve medicare.

There once was a politician named Ronald Mcdonald. He pioneers food care and gets elevated to sainthood by the left wing establishment. After he died, other politicians including a former war hero, a colonel named Sanders, vows to carry the torch of that clown’s legacy. These politicians claim their administration is the true successor to his ideas. Politicians on the campaign trail would promise millions of tons of food while others complain it is still not enough, more money is needed. Politicians would deny access to steak for fear of complaint that someone could not receive their peanut butter sandwich.

The Canadian way is that the rich must never receive preferential access to nicer and tastier food than the rest. There would be a bottle neck of people with peanut butter sandwiches at the checkout counter with CanadaFood card in hand. They would be prevented from spending money for their own food. Those who are fed up with the system will buy and eat in the United States. American restaurants will be full of hungry Canadians.

This all sounds ridiculous, but this is the present line of thinking in the desire to preserve medicare as the only option.

Stanley Reitsma
Carman, Man.

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