Motion Introduced to Take Action Against Online Suicide



May 27, 2009

With a bill having been introduced only weeks ago that, if passed, would legalize assisted suicide and decriminalize euthanasia, Member of Parliament Harold Albrecht has introduced a motion (M-388) that urges action against those who counsel or assist in suicides, specifically targeting those suicides that are promoted through the internet. This comes after a number of stories involving individuals who were encouraged over the internet to kill themselves. The motion reads “That, in the opinion of the House, for greater certainty, the government should take steps to ensure that counselling a person to commit suicide or aiding or abetting a person to commit suicide is an offence under section 241 of the Criminal Code, regardless of the means used to counsel or aid or abet including via telecommunications, the Internet or a computer system.”

Action Item: Send Mr. Albrecht a note of thanks for standing up against the promotion of suicide. Encourage your MP to support this motion and to vote against the private member’s bill that would legalize assisted suicide and decriminalize euthanasia. You can also email the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition [email protected] for a petition in support of this cause.

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