New Book Examines Media Portrayal of Evangelicals



April 7, 2009

book coverThrough a Lens Darkly: How the News Media Perceive and Portray Evangelicals, written by David M. Haskell, has just been released. Following is a description from the publisher’s website: 

“Do journalists report more favourably on people that they like than on those they don’t? Canada’s evangelicals think so. For years, they’ve accused the country’s news personnel of being prejudiced against them both personally and in their coverage. However, up to now, the evangelicals’ charge of media bias has never been empirically examined. This book puts that charge to the test. An in depth survey of national news personnel accompanied by an extensive, multi-year examination of news coverage reveals how Canada’s journalists feel about evangelicals, how they report on evangelicals, and how and when their feelings influence their reporting.

In the end, this book concludes when the beliefs and actions of Canadian evangelicals directly clash with the heart-felt convictions of Canadian national journalists, the journalists are willing to abandon their professional objectivity and slant their stories against their ideological opponents.”

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