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February 14, 2013

Bill C-279 needs concerted action before the February 27 vote!
We have reported extensively on Bill C-279. Here is the final update and call to action: Although 15 Conservative MPs supported the bill at an earlier vote, they did so under the condition that amendments be made when the bill was studied by the Justice Committee. That Committee was unable to agree on amendments, and the bill was sent back to the House without being changed, meaning that it would probably have been defeated.
However, this week Member of Parliament Randall Garrison, the bill’s sponsor, submitted a package of amendments to his bill, which will be reintroduced in the House of Commons at report stage on February 27. The amendments target some of the more contentious elements of the bill by removing the term “gender expression” and giving a definition of “gender identity”. If the Speaker of the House finds the amendments in order, the bill can then be debated and voted upon in the House as amended.
It’s not too late to Take Action! Members of Parliament want to hear from you. Please politely request that your representative vote against Bill C-279. If a personal visit is impossible, phone your MP or, at the very least, use ARPA Canada’s EasyMail to contact your MP (find the new EasyMail letter for this here, and the original letter here). Also, fill out and distribute petitions and deliver them to your MP before the end of the month.

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