New Job Position: Lawyer, Junior Lawyer, or Articling Student


The Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada is a non-profit organization devoted to educating, equipping, and encouraging political action among Reformed Christians and bringing a biblical perspective to our civil governments. We desire to increase our law and policy efforts with an additional lawyer or law student, in the hope that this person can serve long-term in assisting the ARPA team as we execute our mission especially towards Canada’s courts and legislatures. Whether you are already practicing law or are looking forward to completing law school, if you share our heart for this mission, we invite you to consider this vocation.

Job Description:

Lawyer, Junior Lawyer, or Articling Student


Ottawa, Ontario

Education Requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in humanities or social sciences
  • Law degree

Required Experience:

  • Knowledge of federal and provincial political processes and institutions and the justice system generally.
  • Particular interest in and familiarity with administrative law and constitutional law is an asset.

Job Description and Responsibilities:

  • Work alongside ARPA Canada staff and report to the Director of Law & Policy;
  • Legal research:
    • Responding to and assisting with legal questions/challenges faced by ARPA team and local ARPA groups in executing mission;
    • Answer legal questions from ARPA’s constituents, when requested by Director of Law & Policy.
  • Legal Interventions and Court challenges:
    • Assist the Director of Law & Policy and the We Need a Law Legal Counsel with:
      • Drafting legal documents and arguments;
      • Legal research;
      • Filing court materials;
      • Communicating with other stakeholders;
      • Communicating implications of cases to our readers and donors.
  • Federal and Provincial legal policy analysis:
    • Assist ARPA’s Policy Analysts with legislation analysis;
    • Assist ARPA’s provincial and federal managers with provincial and federal legislation analysis;
    • Engage in policy dialogue through articles, presentations, and video updates;
    • Translate challenging legal issues into understandable and motivational communiqués for grassroots consumption.
  • Events/Presentations:
    • Possibility of making presentations in churches and schools throughout Canada
  • Government Submissions:
    • Research, draft, and/or assist with government submissions for legislatures, courts, and commissions.
    • When requested by the Director of Law & Policy, present to government committees or panels on issues of concern.
  • Lobbying:
    • When requested by Director of Law & Policy, assist other ARPA staff with lobbying federal and provincial government officials.
  • Writing
    • Write articles for ARPA Canada and external publications on matters pertaining to Canadian law, from a robust biblical perspective.

Employment Details:

  • Salary/wages are negotiable depending on position and experience;
  • If the applicant is an articling student, although our hope is to see the position translate into a permanent position, we reserve the right to make that decision upon completion of the articling position;
  • Health benefits and RRSP provided upon successful completion of a trial period for full-time permanent staff;
  • Potential for long-term career and promotion;
  • Position start time is negotiable.

Requirements for Applicant:

  • Heartfelt agreement with the mission and core principles of ARPA Canada;
  • Active membership in a confessional Reformed church (a Reformed church which faithfully upholds Scripture and the Three Forms of Unity or the Westminster Standards);
  • Ability to give a personal statement of faith;
  • Willing to abide by all ARPA Canada staff policies;
  • Long-term development of a Reformed Christian worldview, also as it relates to political/social issues;
  • Six month and one year trial periods and expectation of a long-term commitment (please let us know how long-term you would aspire this to be);
  • Must be willing to travel a minimum of 15 nights a year;
  • Proficiency with MS Office and a variety of web applications;
  • Self-motivated and disciplined work ethic;
  • Ability to work well with a team that is scattered across Canada, through virtual means;
  • Exemplify a positive attitude:
    • Show love and grace to all;
    • Demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit;
    • Promote a positive culture of excellence and zeal for the organization’s mission;
    • Respond to challenges and set-backs with godly perspective;
    • Demonstrate humility and a heart of service.


  • Experience with volunteering with ARPA or a similar organization;
  • Legal experience in court or in drafting legal materials;
  • Policy experience.

Application Deadline:

We invite applications or expressions of interest until November 20, 2021. Soon after we may reopen it.

Application Procedure:

If you are interested in the job description and meet the requirements listed above, please submit:

  • your resume;
  • an accompanying cover letter that speaks both to the job description and why you would be a good fit with ARPA Canada;
  • a personal statement of faith;
  • the names and contact information of at least two work references;
  • the name and contact information of one character reference (preferably a pastor or elder);

Complete application packages must be submitted to ARPA’s Executive Director Mark Penninga at [email protected]

Please Note: ARPA Canada is very grateful for any interest shown in this position. However, due to time constraints and other responsibilities, we reserve the right to not interview all applicants. The deadline for applications may also be changed as we deem necessary. Multiple interviews may be required. ARPA Canada reserves the right to not fill this position.

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