Occupiers want the impossible



November 10, 2011

Steinbach Carillon, Nov 10 2011: Lee Evans criticizes columnist Michael Zwaagstra for not knowing what the Occupy Wall St protestors want. He says his elementary school child even knows.


I know too. What the protesters (who sport all the corporate brand name clothing and hand held electronic devices) stand for is beneath elementary school when it comes to intelligence. Many organizations within big labour list themselves with these protests against big banks. Nothing is bigger than big labour, it’s the biggest of big business. To them big labour taking advantage of people is fine, but big business or worse big banks doing that is plain evil. The rich 1% includes Michael Moore and Al Gore, maybe even David Suzuki, the occupier’s heros.

These economically clueless want a “Guaranteed Living Wage Income (GLWI)” and want it “regardless of employment” (of course, why work). Imagine the income tax of the few who choose to work to pay for this government  program to benefit the vast legion of freeloaders. Today a shocking 48.5 % of Americans receive a government handout of some sort! The highest ever! In the 1920s it was 10% and 30% in 1980. With GLWI will it be 80%?

They want a 20 (yes twenty) dollar an hour minimum wage law.  When millions lose their jobs the first day brutal force later will be needed to prevent desperate people who are willing to work for less than twenty bucks an hour.

They want all college and university education paid for. (Why not go to school if you’re paid not to work due to GLWI). Never mind whether that something will cost someone else time, labor, or money to provide it to them. You are not entitled to anything you cannot afford.

In the U.S. they want to put all workers in the private insurance industry out of a job because they want to ban all private healthcare insurance from the market. You cannot have government force the labour of healthcare professionals.

They want a trillion dollars for “ecological restoration” and trillions for infrastructure. How can they get these trillions if most of the population is out of work on GLWI? Remember “regardless of employment”.

The most crazy dumb idea of all is the demand of debt forgiveness for all. They want all Sovereign Debt canceled globally, all mortgage debt, credit card debt and personal debts forgiven.  With that logic, a blue collar worker ponders buying that 5 million dollar house now, since the mortgage debt will be forgiven. They want all of 65 trillion dollars that our whole planet has as debt wiped clean. No debt means no credit means nothing to allow people to use their labour for accumulation of property and wealth.

Having enforced legal contracts is one of the most fundamental functions of legitimate government. No economy can even exist without this. The total destruction of terms by lenders to borrowers is the action of total theft from lender to borrower.

They want to outlaw all credit agencies. If no one receives payment for debt owed because it is forgiven no one would want to lend ever again, so then there will be no agency to outlaw.

The occupiers want an end to fossil fuels. Sure, when the economy is as robust as Zimbabwe after the guaranteed living wage, “free” university, all debt canceled etc are met, no one can afford buy any fossil fuels, problem solved.

President Obama is the king of bailouts, but its sacrilege to them to demand that Obama resign, for he is their liberal hero.  The Tea Party fought against abuse of power and the taking of property. Occupy Wall St lusts for power and the stealing wealth of others. Government could steal from me and hand it to you but it just makes you a possessor of stolen property, namely mine.

Stanley Reitsma  Carman Manitoba

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