Oosterhoff wins again



March 14, 2017
The youngest MPP in Ontario history will be running again. Sam Oosterhoff won a nomination race in the newly formed Niagara West riding last week. He was challenged in the contest by someone who ran against him in the nomination for a by-election in his current riding late last year. “One of the challengers from that nomination… said he had concerns about my faith; that I came from a very insular group within the riding,” Oosterhoff says. “But there were a lot of great people who came out, also from the churches, and they came and supported me.”

Oosterhoff also says he’s managed to dispel some concerns about presence in the legislature, although not everyone has been convinced. “There are concerns from perhaps some people on the far left within the Legislature who have no respect for anyone who holds even a slight inkling of a different inclination from their monolithic left-wing monologue, but at the same time, there is a lot of respect for (me) and my values.”

The next Ontario election has to be held by June of next year.

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