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October 29, 2013

In Ontario, the government has been hiding certain statistics from the public for a few years now, including how much we spend on all abortion procedures and the types of abortions happening and any complications resulting from those abortions (if any). The blogger Run With Life has been documenting this issue for a few years now like no other, and ARPA Canada is very, very thankful for her tireless work. You can read all about this issue here and here. (You can see Run With Life’s entire series here.)

BUT NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! The Ontario government has just announced that it wants to be more open and accountable. Premier Kathleen Wynne wants to “unlock public data so that you can help us solve problems and find new ways of doing things. I believe that government data belongs to the people of Ontario and so we will make government data open by default, limiting access only to safeguard privacy, security and confidentiality.”

To show just how open and accountable it wants to be, the government of Ontario has released a public survey. You can find the survey at this link here. Fill it out! Be that prophetic voice. Be part of the process. Be part of the solution. Be heard.

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