Ottawa police won’t charge nurse suspect in Kajouji suicide



October 26, 2009

ARPA Note: Everyone who has come to one of our more recent events will have seen the short video we presented featuring Canadian MP Harold Albrecht (on right) talk about the tragic story of Nadia Kajouji and the need for support of his Motion (M-388) against counselling online for assisted suicide. The Fifth Estate recently aired an excellent documentary about Nadia’s story. Click here to watch the documentary online. Click here to read more about Albrecht’s motion and download the petition from our website.

Ottawa Citizen, Oct 25/09: TORONTO — Ottawa police now say they decided not to pursue charges against a Minnesota man who coaxed 18-year-old Nadia Kajouji into suicide online because they believe she was not sufficiently influenced by him. The admission was made during a briefing given to Nadia’s mother, Deborah Chevalier, by the Ottawa force’s lead investigator on the case. Chevalier taped the briefing and provided it to the Citizen. [Keep reading this story here.]

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