Pathetic human rights investigation: mayor dared to pray



February 21, 2013

Is this complaint really going to investigation? A man who has too much time on his hands has launched another human rights complaint, this time because his mayor prays

. News flash: Public office holders are allowed to be religious too!

These kinds of “human rights” complaints are embarrassing. People around the world are being butchered for their religious beliefs, and this man insists on an expensive government investigation because someone else’s prayer hurts his religious (or non-religious) sentiments. Grow up! Plug your ears next time or leave the room if it’s really that offensive. And what is more offensive is the insistance by this “human rights warrior” that a mayor may no longer practice his religion.

What is even more pathetic is that the government is actually going to accept the complaint and proceed with the investigation. If they insist on continuing to entertain this drivel, then it is time to toss these Human Rights Commissions. 

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