Call For Action: Definition of Human Being in Canada’s Criminal Code



February 10, 2012

New Petition and Easy Mail Letter Below: Member of Parliament Mr. Stephen Woodworth has filed a motion with the House of Commons on Monday, February 6. This motion calls for a committee to be created with the mandate to review Subsection 223(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada which states that a child becomes a human being only at the moment of complete birth.


Parliament is supposed to be responsible for studying these heavy issues. As long as some human beings (so defined medically, socially, morally) are not called human beings in law, then Parliament must either give a justification for that legal reality or change the law. Our current government would rather ignore this very important issue.


Please help us in asking our elected representatives to do their duty and to support Mr. Woodworth’s motion. First, please print off the attached petition and get many more people to sign it before bringing it to your MP (see tips below). If you haven’t printed off our other petition requesting abortion legislation, please do so at the same time and collect signatures for both.  Second, please make use of this Easy Mail letter to contact your MP, the Justice Minister, and the Prime Minister in just a few minutes.

This discussion is happening already, in the media, on university campuses, in homes and churches. It’s time that Parliament has the discussion too.

Note: We have a second petition that asks Parliament to introduce abortion legislation. You can find that here. Please consider getting signatures for both at the same time. MPs can bring both to Parliament.

Petition Tips:

– Signature, city, and province are all that is required.
– Any age can sign the petition.
– Bigger is not always better. Longer petitions can be split into smaller ones (a few pages each) which will allow a sympathetic MP to present the petition in the House of Commons many times.
– Make it most effective by asking to meet with your MP to discuss the issue. If your MP doesn’t want to change the status-quo on abortion, ask them to explain their views. Ask them at what point an unborn child should get legal protection. And ask them what difference there is between a born child and an unborn one that leads to the unborn having no legal protection.
– This petition will remain relevant for a long time. Please keep at it and continue to drop off copies at your MP’s office.
– If your MP is hostile to the cause, you may send the petitions to any other MP instead. Either way, ask the MP to let you know when it is read in the House of Commons.
Motion 312: Beginning of Human Life Email Us 

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