Reminder: Petition for Free Expression



January 7, 2014

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has provided a petition (click here) petition (click here) calling on the Legislature of BC, AB, and SK to amend their respective human rights codes and acts to protect free expression. We encourage our readers to print it off, get some signatures, and follow the instructions on the petition:

Whereas the federal government has repealed Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act which formerly violated the historic and fundamental freedom of expression of Canadians;

and Whereas British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only three jurisdictions in Canada which use human rights legislation to censor the free expression of citizens; and Whereas seven other Canadian provinces, and the federal government, have human rights legislation that does not censor the free expression of citizens;

and Whereas hate speech is addressed by the Criminal Code of Canada and such restrictions should not be duplicated or expanded upon by the provinces;

We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, call upon the Legislative Assemblies of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan to enact legislation in their respective jurisdictions to: repeal Section 7 of the B.C. Human Rights Code; and repeal Section 3 of the Alberta Human Rights Act; and repeal Section 14 of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

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