Petitions Update – Over 55 Read in Parliament Already



April 20, 2012

Update: The petitions are getting noticed by the MP’s who keep hearing them get read. On April 23rd, the Gatineau MP stood up in Parliament “to denounce certain government MPs’ attempts to criminalize abortion.” Ironically, that same day the MP for Chilliwack stood up and read another ARPA petition calling on government to restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible.

A few months ago we urged our readers to make use of two new petitions. The first calls for Parliament to restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible and the second calls Parliament to recognize the unborn as humans under the Criminal Code. The Run With Life Blog has been doing some research and discovered that these petitions have already been read in the House of Commons 55 times! And it is rather apparent that many of the MPs reading them are from areas where there is an ARPA group. Please continue to get this filled out in your community. And please encourage other pro-life organizations to get behind it as well. Surprisingly, we have not yet found one other petition that addresses abortion directly. It is high time!

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