Positive response to Booties for Babies campaign



July 15, 2016

The stories are beginning to come in from MP offices and pregnancy care centres and they want to say: thank you!


Letter from MP Deb Schulte

We received a letter from MP Deb Schulte (King Township-Vaughan) that she received the baby booties and would be sharing them with an agency that cares for mothers and their infant children (see photo).

MP Harold Albrecht also tweeted this photo to us, as he gave the gift of baby booties to the K-W Pregnancy Resource Centre.

Another MP wrote to us to say “We received the package today and will be donating the booties to Maggie’s Place, which is a family support centre in our riding. They provide prenatal classes and baby drop in sessions, amongst other programs, to young mom’s. They will be well placed to give the booties to low income families that would welcome a handcrafted item for their little one.”

We are so thankful for the many MPs who have participated in this endeavour. The MPs want to say thank you to those of you that crafted these baby booties. What a kind gesture for them to receive and to see that there are so many kind and loving Canadians out there who are willing to help others. Let us pray that this campaign has a lasting impact on all those who participated and that MPs will be willing to step up and defend the rights of all pre-born children to be born!

Where there is a gift-giver, there must also be someone to receive the gift. Stories are beginning to come in from pregnancy care centres who are the recipients of these beautiful baby booties, and they are thankful!

Letter of thanks for baby booties from Crossroads

A card of thanks from a pregnancy care centre in Alberta

An email came in from the director of a pregnancy care centre in BC that read: “We have just received 20 pairs of beautifully made booties which will be included in the gift bags which each new mom receives through our Centre. Thank you so much for all that your group does. The Booties for Babies is such a witness to the number of babies who never had the privilege to be born.”

We also received this card from a centre in Alberta, which reads:

“We would like to extend a big Thank You for the beautiful handmade Baby Booties that were forwarded to us by Mr. Martin Shields, Member of Parliament Bow River. There is no doubt that they will come in very handy in the future!”

Soon the stories will end and we won’t hear from every MP or every pregnancy care centre, but the gift of your love will continue. Thousands of mothers and infant children will be presented with these baby booties that were crafted by a complete stranger, and we pray that the gift may resonate in their hearts. We are thankful that these mothers have chosen life and pray that they may also become ambassadors for a culture of life in our country!

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