Private Members’ Business: Is Brad Trost the next Mark Warawa?



April 16, 2013 April 16 2013: As Mark Warawa readies himself to reveal whether he intends to keep up his fight for a full House vote on sex-selective abortion,  another Conservative backbencher may be heading for a similar clash with his party’s parliamentary power brokers,

Over the last few weeks, Saskatchewan MP Brad Trost  has been quietly collecting cross-party support for his bid to boost the collective power of the Chamber by having MPs elect committee chairs via preferential ballot — a move that  could dramatically curtail the government’s ability to control the hand that wields the gavel — and, by extension, the committee process itself. 

Earlier today, New Democrat MP Kennedy Stewart became the third opposition member to sign on as a co-sponsor of M-431, an ever-growing list that also includes Liberal MP Ted Hsu, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Independent MP Peter Goldring, as well as more than a dozen Conservative MPs. Under the current schedule, it could come up for its first hour of debate as early as next week. Read more

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