Proof that Your Letters Make a Difference



December 22, 2010

The following note came from an ARPA reader in the Winnipeg area who took the time to follow-up on the action items for Roxanne’s Law:

“My husband and I appreciate the constant updates, and after emailing our MP twice about Roxanne’s Law, we were invited to a constituents’ event.  We encouraged our MP to vote for Roxanne’s Law.  She gave us a couple reasons why she would not support the bill, and told us she would not be voting for it.  After the vote, however, we received an email saying that since she’d heard from constituents encouraging her to vote for the bill and had not heard from any constituents encouraging her to vote against it, she changed her mind and voted in favour of Roxanne’s Law.  Despite the bill being defeated, this is just a small way in which we can make a difference and stand up for what is right in Canada!  Without the ARPA emails, we would not have talked to our MP – so thank YOU!”

Bill C-510: Roxanne’s Law, Life Email Us 

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