Protect the Poor: Ten Reasons to Oppose Harmful Climate Change Policies



September 19, 2014

ARPA Canada’s Executive Director and Legal Counsel are among the signatories of a quality declaration from the Cornwall Alliance titled “Protect the Poor: Ten Reasons to Oppose Harmful Climate Change Policies.” We joined over 20 climate scientists, along with many economists, policy experts, and ministry leaders and we encourage our readers to consider signing onto this declaration as well (please note that this declaration is available for all citizens to sign, not just those with fancy titles and educational degrees). Among other things, the declaration calls on political leaders “to abandon fruitless and harmful policies to control global temperature and instead adopt policies that simultaneously reflect responsible environmental stewardship, make energy and all its benefits more affordable, and so free the poor to rise out of poverty.”

The declaration is based on a quality 50+ page study from two leading climate scholars, including Canadian Dr. G Kornelis van Kooten. We highly recommend you share this study with all those who think that climate change policies are sensible, just, and in keeping with a Christian ethic of love and stewardship. 

You can learn more by reading this feature article from World Magazine. Also, be sure to catch our most recent episode of Lighthouse News where we interviewed Canadian expert Dr. Ross McKitrick about the economics of climate change policies.

Some of our readers may wonder why ARPA is covering this issue, and on the side of the “climate change skeptics”. To be clear, ARPA is not denying “climate change.” The climate has been changing since creation and will continue to do so. We are, however, challenging the poor policies that have been developed in Canada’s municipal and provincial governments in response to “climate change” and also seek to expose their futility and waste. This includes examining the hypothesis that underlie these policies, as Dr. McKitrick does well in his interview. This declaration and study reveals the impact these policies are having on the world’s poor, who will suffer a disproportionate amount because of them.

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