Quebec Team Solves Stem Cell Puzzle



April 17, 2009

ARPA Note: The news story below is yet another testimony to the promise and reality of adult stem cell treatments. It refers to the use of stem cells from umbilical cord blood. For more information, check out the article “Giving Birth to Healing: Why all Prospective Parents Should Consider Donating Cord Blood” that was written by ARPA Canada’s director for Reformed Perspective Magazine last year.

CanWest News – April 17, 2009: A team of researchers at the University of Montreal has scored what it claims is a world first: it has produced a large number of stem cells in the lab from a small sample obtained from bone marrow. At present, those who suffer from leukemia or other blood diseases must undergo a bone-marrow or stem-cell transplant. But the problem is that nearly 4,000 people wait anxiously each year for a precise match because of a lack of compatible donors. One possible source is umbilical cord blood, which is rich in compatible stem cells. This blood is stored in banks. However, samples are not nearly large enough for a transplant. [Continue reading this article here.]

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