Queen by the grace of God



April 8, 2015

I’m sure I’m not teaching you anything new when I mention “Dei Gratia Regina“, the inscription that is on every coin or even every medal given by the Queen in the commonwealth (D.G. Regina). It translates as, “Queen by the grace of God” or “Reigning by the grace of God”.

Again, people may say it is all but tradition. I would tend to say that it teaches us something. It teaches us that beyond our civil governments and institutions (the Charter, the Parliament, the Supreme Court, etc.) lies a greater authority which is God. These earthly authorities once saw themselves not totally sovereign as one might suppose. One nation is supposed to be sovereign when it comes to another foreign earthly power but not when it comes to God. 

Again, just like the preamble in the Charter, the Queen’s oath to the throne and here with the coin inscription, they all cry out many verses in God’s Holy Word. Just to mention a few:

Daniel 4:37 is a good quote from the proudest ruler that God humiliated and made him be as an animal without reason.

Matthew 28:18 “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (Jesus Christ).”

We have a King that rules right now, at this instant and all authority in the family, courts, schools, civil governments etc. have been handed to Him. The kings and rulers of the earth better cry “Dei Gratia Regina” once again before God strips them of their rule and gives it to someone else as he did with the kings of old. 

May there be a reform in this country and may we continue to pray for those who are in authority (judges, lawyers, law makers, teachers, etc.) that they may recognize the rule of Christ and His law over their ministry.

– Maximus

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