Respectfully Submitted: Aboriginal Affairs



June 27, 2012

“Respectfully Submitted” is a policy report for MPs and Senators published by ARPA Canada. This issue is devoted to the difficult subject of government policy pertaining to Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. Thanks to our donors, we are able to send a complimentary copy, in both official languages, to all of the MPs and Senators. But this is one document among many that gets mailed to them. They are much more likely to read it if you, their constituent, asks them to. We have prepared an EasyMail letter to allow you to do just that in a couple minutes. Please give the attached report a read and then send the EasyMail letter to your MP.

Update: We have been informed by the office of MP Rob Clarke that Mr. Clarke’s Bill C-428 “Indian Act Amendment and Replacement Act” has been introduced. Read the text of the bill.

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