Schouten & Schutten in National Post: Justice for the unborn — delayed and denied



September 30, 2014

Published this morning in the National Post, WeNeedaLAW’s director and ARPA’s legal counsel comment on the Costco car crash case, in which an eight-month old pre-born child was injured, resulting in her death after an emergency C-section. The police delayed in pressing charges for two months before finally laying an additional charge. We comment  on that delay below. 

This new charge has generated a lot of controversy and debate. ARPA’s legal counsel was also on a popular London radio station, debating another lawyer about the law and whether this charge was proper or not. If you want to listen to the debate, click on the audio file below. It should be noted that this extra charge is not to vilify the driver of the car, or to punish her as severely as possible. But what the law does (or should) require is equal protection for all members of the human family. By correcting their earlier error, the London police have sent the message that our criminal law protects newborn infants injured in utero as well.

National Post: Justice for the unborn — delayed and denied

The significance of this case will be felt nationwide. Canadians see that our current criminal law defies common sense and scientific fact. They know that it is absurd that had Rhiannon died mere moments before birth, the law would have refused to recognize her existence. Read more

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