Science over ideology



November 10, 2011

Surrey Leader, Nov 10 2011: One of the key features of post-modern age is a dichotomy between values and facts. That which we value (religion, morality and philosophy) are accepted as long as they are kept in the private sphere and don’t influence public policy; whereas facts (science and all that is objective) are accepted as universal truth and allowed to be discussed in the public sphere and provide a basis for policy.

A recent example of this post-modern view of the world is seen- in the reaction to Bill C-10, the omnibus crime bill that the Conservatives are passing through Parliament.

Those opposed to tougher sentencing laws. i.e. longer jail terms, have cried out that the facts don’t support this form of carrying out justice; that this policy direction is “ideologically” based, or the result of philosophy overriding facts.

I do not wish to discuss the merits of the Bill C-10, but I do want to expose the hypocrisy shown by adherents to the post-modern world view described above when this dichotomy is applied to another policy issue in Canada.

Scientific evidence clearly shows that from the moment of conception an entirely new, unique human being begins his/her life.

It has been said that, “virtually no ethicist denies that the fetus is human: biologically, genetically, scientifically human.”

Canadians are not aware of the facts regarding the unborn because of the pro-choice ideology.

Each year in Canada thousands of women make the choice to end the life of their unborn child without being made aware of the facts behind that choice.

It’s time that the pro-choice movement set their ideology aside so that all Canadians are aware of the truths of abortion; a truth that is based on scientific facts.

Mike Schouten, Surrey

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