Seizing the Opportunity for Municipal Politics



February 5, 2014

The following is a guest piece by Jeremy Vink.

What does 2013 mean for 2014?

Over the last year we have seen scandals in all levels of government: federally with the Senate scandal, provincially with the power plant scandal (in Ontario), and municipally or locally with items like London’s Mayor in court for fraud charges, Montreal’s Mayor arrested, and the recent issues with Toronto’s Mayor which fill headlines. With all of this it is not hard to be disappointed, disgruntled, and lose faith in our current governments.

A few things are important to remember. We are to remain strong in our faith and Christian approach. Just because we do not have “much faith” in government, we must remember they are still appointed and elected people. Politicians are to be treated with authority and respect while in office. Biblically we can learn from Christ and the prophets as to how they treated and spoke to leaders.

We must also remember that we are called and required to be like salt (Matthew 5:13), light (Matthew 5:14), and dew (Micah 5:7) in the world.

So can we do nothing in such circumstances?

Not all politicians are the same. Yet we must ensure that they are all held accountable. If we do not hold them accountable it gives them more power to do as they please, or it gives the impression that they can “get away with it”. That is the wrong kind of leadership to support.

2014 will give each of us time to react and be active locally. Why? Because 2014 is a municipal election year. In 2014, be active in voting for your local politicians. Learn about local government issues, budgets and needs. Challenge those running for office on their goals and directions. Push for good and meaningful government. Write letters to those in office (councillors and mayors), write letters to the editor, and engage the community and our politicians. 

So as we take a look back at 2013 and look to 2014, set some goals to help make your community and government a stronger and better country. 2013 shows us that we could use more reformed political action in 2014. 

Always remember to pray for your government leaders and those in authority!

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