Some Rights Are More Equal Than Others



October 29, 2009

By Neil Dykstra, leader of Langley ARPA –

Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value (Dean Steacy, Investigator, Canadian Human Rights Commission, in sworn testimony, page 4793, May 10, 2007)

Section 13 itself is finally on trial. This censorship provision in the Canadian Human Rights Act has been used by the CHRC to punish Christians and others for daring to speak strongly held beliefs, imposing punitive measures including five-figure fines and lifetime speech bans. It had been upheld by the narrowest of margins in 1990, in the Taylor decision, but has drastically departed from the safeguards that Justice Dickson, the author of the majority decision, proscribed. Dickson recognized that Section 13 did indeed contravene the Charter right to freedom of expression, and falsely believed that his strongly worded definitions and warnings would prevent a government bureaucracy from becoming busybody censors of an ever-expanding list of prohibited ideologies. [continue reading the rest of this article at No Apologies.]

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