Surprise BC Election Results a Reminder of Who Determines Leadership



May 15, 2013

Yesterday, BC voters gave the BC Liberal party and Premier Christy Clark the privilege and mandate of serving another term in government. This came as a huge upset, as the sense on the ground and among polls for the past two years has been that the NDP would sweep the province and take over the government again. Romans 13 states that it is God, and God alone, who gives us our authorities and governments. He decides who will lead our provinces and nations. We see this clearly when the outcome of an election is so different than what was expected. But it is something we should always testify to in the way that we show respect to those whom God puts in these positions. Increasingly we live in a culture of disrespect for all politicians. We see this among Christians as well. Yet the most central command that the Bible gives to us concerning our civil authorities is to honour, respect, and pray for them. May the Lord bless BC’s new government, and may we stand alongside these new leaders with help, submission, and respect.

BC ARPA groups plan to go to Victoria this fall to meet with our new MLAs. Please get plugged in with your local group to help out and join us.

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