Survey on Abortion Perspectives and Experiences OPEN NOW!



February 1, 2022

In our work, we do many presentations and public awareness campaigns. It is always helpful for us to know and understand our audience so we can best target our messaging to be honest, encouraging, and sensitive.

In hopes of better informing our work on pro-life issues, particularly with the We Need a Law campaign, we have just launched a brief survey on Abortion Perspectives and Experiences in the Reformed Community. We would so appreciate it if you would take 8-10 minutes to fill it out!

Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive topic, the survey is completely anonymous and only open to those aged 16 and older. There is no obligation to complete the survey once you start, and no personal identification is required. ARPA Canada will only share data from this survey in the context of broader commentary on the Reformed community’s perspectives on abortion.

Whether or not you have personal experience with abortion, political action, or religious perspectives on abortion, we would love for you to add your thoughts to the data and share a link to it with your contacts as well. We hope the responses from this survey will help inform our mission as it applies to educating and equipping supporters on the pro-life issue.

If you would like additional information, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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