Take Action: Stop Using our Tax Dollars to Pay for Planned Parenthood International



February 10, 2010

ARPA Canada previously made readers aware of the petition from MP Brad Trost (pictured on right) to stop funding Planned Parenthood International, a radical pro-abortion advocacy group. It now appears (see below) that funds are being put on hold, which is generating the opposition of pro-abortion activists who rely on these tax dollars. Please take a minute to send a note to both your MP and Bev Oda, Minister for Interantional Cooperation. It would also be good to CC Prime Minister Harper and Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff. Also, keep sending the petitions in!

Montreal Gazette, Feb 10, 2010: OTTAWA — The International Planned Parenthood Federation is drawing on reserve funds for some programs while a decision on its application for $18 million from the Canadian government appears delayed by an abortion debate. Federation spokesman Paul Bell said the federation was “taken by surprise” last week when Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff cited the delayed decision when insisting the Harper government include abortion in its G8 maternal and child health-care plan. Read more here.

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