The Numbers Speak for Themselves



July 12, 2011

Planned Parenthood, an organization in the United States with related organizations all over the world, is a massive abortion provider. This organization touts itself as a pro-choice group. But like too many people caught up in the politics of the “pro-choice” camp, they become too much pro-abortion and not so much pro-choice. Take a look at the numbers from Planned Parenthood’s own publication from September 2010 here. On page 2, towards the bottom, the organization lists having provided 324,008 abortions. A couple lines lower it lists the number of adoption referrals it made that year: 2,405. That’s it. One can’t help but wonder whether such adoption referrals are bad for business – it’s hard to make money on abortions if you’re referring people to adoption agencies. It’s no wonder that more than 99% of women who have a crisis pregnancy and walk into a Planned Parenthood office leave without their baby. So where’s the choice in that? And if it’s happening in the States, you can bet the same mentality is at work in Canada.
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