The US States are Making Huge Progress on Abortion Laws While Canada Remains Silent



March 7, 2011

Roundup: Sudden surge of pro-life legislation in numerous states – March 4, 2011 ( – As a handful of key pro-life bills are fighting their way to passage on Capitol Hill, pro-life legislators countrywide have mounted a a multi-faceted attack on the abortion industry with a surge of pro-life bills on the state level. Here is a roundup of the latest.

ARIZONA: On Monday, the Arizona House approved two pro-life bills. One would require clinics that provide medical abortions only to conform to regulations intended for surgical abortion centers, including a requirement to offer patients ultrasound images. Another would make donations to Planned Parenthood ineligible for a state income tax credit. Last week, the House approved a separate bill prohibiting race or sex-based abortions. Read more

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