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September 20, 2011

ARPA Note: The article below validates our recent events in BC & Alberta about fertility rates and the importance of a growing population. Learn more about the topic here. If you would like ARPA to present on this in your community, email [email protected]

Ottawa Citizen, Sept 20 2011: The world now has almost seven billion people and rising. The population may surpass nine billion by 2050. We, together with our 20 billion chickens and four billion cattle, sheep and pigs, will utterly dominate the planet. Can the planet take it? Can we take it?

Yes. Not only is such a huge population going to prove indefinitely “sustainable”; it is actually likely that the ecological impact of nine billion in 2050 will be lighter, not heavier: there will be less pollution and more space left over for nature than there is today. Keep reading

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