This is starting to get ridiculous…



August 9, 2013

Not again?! This is starting to get ridiculous.

Correction: it already was ridiculous; this is starting to become asinine. There is no fundamental human right to the barber of your choice!

I thought that a similar complaint in Toronto a few months back about this alleged fundamental human right of getting-a-hair-cut-by-the-barber-of-your-choice-with-or-without-their-willing-consent might have been a silly anomaly. But maybe it was a test case to see how much money can be shaken out of honest businessmen in Ontario trying to specialize in a niche market of male haircuts.

Anyway, this story should make your blood boil: Another woman, self-described asa sex positive queer feminist activist”, thinks her right to a male haircut in a men’s only barbershop trumps a barber’s rights to private contract, to freely associate with men, to private property, to freedom of expression and to liberty (as well as the male customers’ right to freedom of association).

The reason for the barber’s refusal to cut the complainant’s hair is simple: “I didn’t want to cut her hair,” said Phil Angemi, who’s owned the Westdale Barber Shop for the past 12 years. “That’s my reason.”

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