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November 29, 2011

From time to time, ARPA will post a story or news link or even an action item that does not quite fall squarely into the “Political” square. This is one such time. Mr. Rex Murphy, a political commentator, writes a brilliant, well-argued and impassioned statement against the trend of comedians, politicians, academics, etc. to poke fun at or outright ridicule and demean Christianity ad nauseum. It seems all other religions are off limits, and that Christianity, as the punching bag for religious jokes, must make up for it by taking all the more hits. Mr. Murphy’s article is worth the read. In particular, he draws attention to the pending airing (on December 1st) of a Christmas comedy sketch by Russell Peters which includes a skit with the pornography model Pamela Anderson posing as the Virgin Mother Mary.

As Christians who advocate for free expression in our country, it would be hypocritical for us to run to the government and demand they shut down this sort of thing. However, we still must stand up and let our culture and society know that these trends, these blasphemous jokes, are unacceptable, not only because the offend so many Christian Canadians, but because they really, really offend our so holy God!

One ARPA reader suggested that we dare to stand united – that those of us who subscribe to television services contact our providers and the stations themselves and give a reasoned and respectful argument for why this type of programing should not continue. Furthermore, we should be willing to follow through with cancellations should the program be aired. After all, there is much better things we can do with our time, isn’t there?

To voice your concern and to contact CTV, email [email protected]

To contact the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council, email [email protected]

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