Toronto Star Columnist: “We will fight you”



August 2, 2011

ARPA Canada was encouraged when the Toronto Star published our op-ed last week titled “the curse of ‘gotcha’ politics” about the harm we are causing when we turn every mention of abortion into a reason for attack. But that article didn’t rest well with pro-abortion activists. In Sunday’s paper, columnist Heather Mallick penned an article attempting to revive the issue. After singling out ARPA towards the close of her article, she ends with this line: “I am warning those who want Canadian women to lose their right to abortion that this will not be a skirmish. It lives in the hearts of girls and women. We will fight you on this.”

No, Ms. Mallick, you aren’t fighting us. You are fighting your conscience and the God who creates new life. You are fighting against the tens of thousands of girls and women who will never live more than a few weeks because they were an inconvenience. You are fighting against the truth, not realizing that the truth will set you free.

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